Kayaking Essentials: What to Carry

Kayaking can be a breath-taking experience, but only if you have the mindset to paddle like a pro and have the gears to help you do that. So, if you are planning for your kayaking trip and are wondering what to carry, check out this checklist:

Buoyancy aid

When you go swimming at the pool or deep waters, you likely need a life jacket to prevent you from drowning. A buoyancy aid also works as a life jacket, only that it enhances more movement of the neck and arms. Likewise, you need when kayaking to move your arms when paddling. Again, this applies to beginners and expert kayakers.

Personal effects

Since you will be exposed to harsh weather and other emergencies, carrying personal items can be a good idea. They include insect repellent, sunglasses, energy-giving snacks, cell phone, water and an emergency tent. A camera comes handy in capturing those memorable moments.

Kayak and paddle

It is impossible to say you had an excellent kayaking experience without the kayak and paddle. When choosing the latter, ensure its width is proportional to your torso. If you do not know how to calculate the two, ask a kayaks coach or coast guard for assistance.

Emergency rope bag

Ropes come in handy in case of an emergency. For example, it helps when you want to rescue your fellow kayaker who has lost balance or fell in the water. You can hold one end of the rope while you toss the bag to the kayaker in need of help.

A bilge pump

Aggressive paddling can invite water into your boat, compromising your buoyancy. Instead of draining out the water using a container, use a bilge pump. The tool is designed to take in as much water to prevent such cases.

Carrying unnecessary items to kayaking can compromise your safety. So the next time you want to go on a kayaking adventure, and you do not know what to bring with you, consider the six items.

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